Infoman N.V. was established in September of 1999 to offer a complete IT support solution for the local community.

Our Mission statement is:

To offer the best possible IT service and support for the local business community at an affordable price.

The business goal of Infoman is two fold:

1. Offer the small to medium sized company the IT experience they lack due to their size.
2. To become the local representative of HW and SW manufacturers to be able to offer complete local support for the IT solutions they offer.

Companies which Infoman N.V. currently support are Aloha restaurant systems, Quicksell retail Point of Sale systems, Business Vision and Timeslips.

Infoman currently has five highly qualified technicians to support our customers in software and hardware solutions they have or want installed. Besides the above mentioned technicians, of whom one is our director, we also have one administrative assistant and one accountant. Three of our technicians are MCP qualified. With our personnel we are able to support a wide range of clients that cover a complete range of markets in Aruba. Our customers include accounting firms, medical professionals, retail stores (pharmacy’s, clothes, hardware/lumber, jewelry, electronics), law offices, hotels, restaurants, shipping agency’s and many more.

Our motto says it all:

We Do…IT…for you